How To Buy A Horse At An Auction

Although there are distinct advantages when buying a horse at an auction, there are also a variety of reasons why an auction had been put up and you are more likely to favor not knowing them if you have decided to buy the horse. Generally, unless you happen to be a horse trainer or Vet, you won’t have the chance to do a pre-purchase exam. Picking up the red flags from the horses of your choice is the only thing that you can do if that is such the case. Yes, they can be really subtle and may also be masked thanks to drugs or even the fact the horse was rested prior to you looking at it (which would not show some forms of lameness).

Examine the horse for any warm spots or inflammation starting from its nose to the tail. Move your hands along all the legs of the horse, and in situation the horse objects, raise the red flag and watch out for any conflict in terms of look and feel of the right and the left. You may be able to realize that the horse is arthritic if you will discover that its knee is filled with fluid or that its tendon is deformed. Try flexing the joints if you can and if arthritis is present they won’t flex too well.***

Review the overall shape of its body including the quality of coat and feet, and check out if they are shiny or dull and the toes are trimmed or chipped. You also have to check its muscular growth to see whether the muscles are well developed or malnourished and its overall deportment, whether its energetic and bouncy or dull and depressed. All these find aspects of a horse would reveal the level of care and attention the horse has received so far. If you want to know the amount and efficiency of preparation and physical exercise that the horse was able to get, then these things can put you into the picture.

Watch the horse move – walk, trot and canter – does he move well or are his ears pinned and tail on a switch? When the head moves up and down it means that the horse could be lame and take a close look at his breathing, does it roar, whistle or wheeze? It is better if you will be able to see somebody or perhaps yourself riding on the horse with a saddle so that you will have the thought of whether you are better off together. The way you felt during this experience is an fundamental consideration. It is unwise to overestimate your horse skills, or else, you would get a horse which might not be compatible with you.

It serves no function rushing through the buying process in a horse auction sale, so take your time to come to a decision. You are more likely to miss out some aspects but experience and time will help you improve with it especially if you examine a lot of horses over time.

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