Horse Training Tips: Neck Rein

Using horse training tips to teach your horse to neck rein is a useful skill that can make things like opening gates, or carrying something with your free hand much easier. Some people think that this task is difficult however, it is very easy if you use the following horse training tips.

The first thing you need to understand is what the term direct, and indirect rein means. The direct reign is the one you pull the horses mouth with, and the indirect rein is the one you use to press on his neck.

Use a snaffle bit for this exercise and remember to work gently. Using two hands on the reins, hold each side about a foot apart. Sit in the center of the saddle and squeeze lightly with your legs. At the same time, pull the horses’ head with your direct rein. Once his head moves to the left, press the indirect rein gently on the neck. Allow the horse to walk a few feet and then stop. Repeat this action ten times for each direction every day for a week.

At this point, your horse is beginning to understand what you want him to do. The next exercise will be to have your horse walk in a square. Walk a few steps and ask him to turn left but not stop. Take another ten steps and turn left again. Keep turning until you have walked the full square and repeat four or five squares in each direction every day for a week.

Next, start increasing the speed of doing this exercise. Perform this exercise at a trot for a few weeks and begin to mix it up a bit. Do a left square then a right square and so on.

Before you know it, your horse will be able to accomplish this task quite easily.

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