Horse Training Tips from the Pros

Let’s be honest – horse training is no picnic. It takes time and plenty of it, and more patience than most people can ever hope to muster in a lifetime. Most people who own a horse leave the training to someone else because it is simply frustrating. In fact, some people simply give up on their horses altogether because of the difficulty they have with training.

Training a horse isn’t all about getting her to do tricks to amuse your friends. It also isn’t about teaching her intricate moves or jumps. It is about getting her to relate to you in a friendly, mutually trusting, and most importantly, safe way. Horse training is perhaps the most important part of owning a horse and one that really shouldn’t be pawned off on an “expert”.

Once people give up on training their horse and call in that expert to the do the job, they aren’t doing themselves or the horse any favors. The horse trainer is building a relationship between trainer and horse instead of between you (as the owner and ride) and the horse. The horse learns movements and vocal tone that belong only to the trainer – and they won’t be recognizable to the horse when emanating from you.

The best horse training is always done by the rider. There are numerous books and videos on the subject, but the one that focuses the most on gentle persuasion, non-violent, non-intimidating techniques is Eric Bravo’s Gentle Natural Horsemanship. He gives you a lifetime’s worth of horse training knowledge that you can put to work immediately. You don’t need to hire an expert or wait years to have a horse that is safe and enjoyable. You can start training your horse right now and build the relationship you have always wanted.

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