Horse Training Clinics – How To Survive Your First Equestrian Clinic

While you are still learning to ride or handle your new horse, attending horse training clinics can be a superb way of improving confidence for you both. You and your horse can come upon many terrific experiences at the clinic, and receive the benefit of knowledgeable instructors to direct you.

Don’t worry if you are still a beginner, you are sure to find horsemanship classes to fit your needs. Most horse training clinics provide for different levels of experience, from novice to advanced.

Some tips to make your first clinic a success;

1. Make your booking ahead of time. Many horse owners are nowadays interested in horse training and so training clinics are regularly completely booked or else reserved.

If you miss out on a clinic, speak to the venue and reserve your place for the next one.

2. Search for horse training clinics within your location. If you haven’t owned your horse long and are not certain how he/she travels, don’t commit to a prolonged journey for your initial time away from home.

3. If you are transporting your horse to the clinic your horse ought to be comfortable with the trailer, otherwise you may stumble upon issues loading your horse on the day of the clinic.

It is best to have a trial run before the day of the clinic. You both want to arrive calm and relaxed, so practice loading your horse and driving for a short distance.

4. It might be possible to find a clinic close to home that you can ride to. Ask around to see if anyone else wants to attend the clinic as well. Riding in company will help if either of you are nervous of riding out on your own.

5. It is best to book a recognised equestrian clinic as the quality of their training should be good. For example, does your local riding stables run clinics with guest horse instructors? What about a local equine college? They usually have excellent equestrian facilities and often hold public horse training clinics.

6. Try to meet up with the instructor personally before you commence the clinic. If you are given the instructors phone number before the clinic, contact them to introduce yourself and your horse and ask if there is something you can carry out to make ready for the exercises that they will be using.

Preparation is the key to success. If you know what to expect on the day you will be able to get the most from your experience.

7. On the day of the clinic, you should aim to leave ahead of time. You never know what may crop up; there may well be bad traffic or an unexpected setback with loading your horse, and you need to make sure that you are not hurried and unable to drive safely.

Also, plan to have plenty of time when you arrive at the clinic. You will need time to settle your horse, as he/she may be unsettled with the new sights and sounds and other horses.

8. Make certain you have packed lots of water and healthy refreshments for yourself (as well as feed and water for your horse).

To obtain the best from the training you need to remain focused and alert, so keep hydrated all through the sessions.

9. Don’t just complete the exercises and training during the clinic; once you arrive back home and your horse has rested for a while, you can reinforce all the lessons taught in the course of the day. The more you do, the more you will improve.

Planning your first horse training clinic in advance will certainly ensure that you have the best experience possible.

Go along with these tips, find out masses of new information, and best of all – have fun 🙂

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