Everything About Horses, Including the Bridle Bit

Although most horse owners have spent their entire life waiting to get a horse, and think they know everything about them, there is so much to know about horses that not even the experts can tackle it all. From knowing how to train a horse to knowing how to choose a bridle bit, the world of horses is enormous and too large to tackle without help.

There are some great places online to start looking to expand your knowledge of horsemanship. Most people start with learning about the different types of horses. From there, they move on to discovering the ways of training horses. One of the most interesting developments in horse training in the last century came about because of the 1998 movie, “The Horse Whisperer,” starring Robert Redford. Not only was it a phenomenal movie, but it showed a different method of training horses – one that hadn’t been seen by the public before.

The value of “horse whispering”, or knowing and understanding the horse and her psychology is something taught by Eric Bravo. His Gentle, Natural Horsemanship courses are based on this very method of training. He doesn’t focus on telling you how to care for your horse, what kind of bridle bit to buy, or the food to feed her. He tells you how to develop a trusting, caring, and safe relationship with your horse.

Of course, it goes without saying that you do still have to know the right kind of bridle bit to buy (or serious problems could result), but developing a horse/rider relationship that allows for enjoyment and safety is vital. You don’t have to rely on a high-priced trainer to do this. You can learn to train a horse very quickly and enjoy the results almost immediately.

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